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Three hundred years ago, the gods dropped a fiery mountain on Ishtar. The Cataclysm shattered the land. The gods abandoned mortals and left them to suffer their fate. People have struggled long and hard over the last three centuries. The lack of god granted magic, particularly healing, has made repairing the land an arduous task. It is a time of darkness, an Age of Despair. Still, brave men and women have perservered. Three years ago, a group of friends parted company from the Inn of the Last Home promising to meet agian. They went their seperate ways, each searching for the answers to life’s questions, and possibly signs that the gods had returned. Time has passed and now it is the appointed date for their reunion. However, as they journey to see old faces and rekindle old friendships, darkness is stirring…

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Dragonlance: War of the Lance